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APM sending team to World Mahjong Sports Game in Sanya

APM is pleased to be invited by The Mahjong International League , the group is bringing duplicate mahjong to the world, and the host of the October World Mahjong Sport Games in Sanya City. It is expected that there will be 40 countries represented at this tournament.

APM is bringing a team of 3 players to represent Australia at this tournament.

The 1st World Mahjong Sport Games will be held from 24th to 28th Oct. 2015, in the "Eastern Hawaii" city of Sanya, Hainan Province, mainland China. The Duplicate Format will be used not only for individual competition but also team competition based on the common MCR rules as the main event; meanwhile Mahjong Carnival will be hosting parallel events in riichi (WRC rules) and Sichuan rules within the Sporting Mahjong Mind Sports (duplicate) format.

Following an address by the President of the International Mind Sport Association Mr. Jose Damiani during a presentation in Beijing, China, there has been discussions about adding mahjong under the competitive match format for the next World Mind Sports Games to be hosted in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

We hope that APM can, by its involvement with the Mahjong International League, be prepared and able to send our players to this game in Rio de Janeiro.

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GUOBIAO Leaderboard

1IVANOVSKI Aleksandar WCG1321402324
2Aaron Hoi Che CHANG WCG1321432321
3Karen ONG WCG1321222310
4Henry CHOI WCG1321080292
5Linda PANG WCG1321468253
6Des CHEE WCG1321018241
7Ben LIU WCG1421568112
8Christopher PANG WCG1321377104
1Xiaohui HUANG WCG13214334567.3
2Ng CHER CHAIR WCG13210284464.4
3Yiu Hing YAU WCG13213784186.7
4Annie YAU WCG13210263796
5Maria TUNG WCG13213503758.2
6Danyi WU WCG16222753727.3
7Julie LEUNG WCG13213383654.3
8Jie HUANG WCG13213653107.5
9Shihao ZHOU WCG14218403081.2
10Mimi ANDERSON WCG16222703031.3
11Juliana Sau King SZETO WCG17223752965.1
12HOOI LIM WCG13210232958.3
13En Qi TAO WCG13211182916.7
14Graham L ANDERSON WCG14217122825.4
15Chun YU WCG14218392787.3
16Hing SUM WCG13214702743
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Friday Afternoon--The Lakemba Club
1Kwong Sum LAM WCG1822715620
2Mimi ANDERSON WCG1622270445
3Annie YAU WCG1321026440
4Zhong WEN WCG1722513435
5Yiu Hing YAU WCG1321378395
6Shujin LI WCG1722514375
7Maria TUNG WCG1321350345
8Danyi WU WCG1622275295
9Tse Kwan KAM WCG1822718275
10Un Man AU WCG1321070265
Friday Night--Arena Sports Club
1Peter CHEUNG WCG13210221330
2Annie YAU WCG1321026835
3Kevin LUONG WCG1421563785
4Fengying TAN WCG1421530660
5Ng CHER CHAIR WCG1321028570
6Tse Kwan KAM WCG1822718440
7Ken ZHAO WCG1622282410
8Ameeda CHEUNG WCG1321323355
9Yiu Hing YAU WCG1321378295
10Danyi WU WCG1622275250
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